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Collagen Gloves + Socks [ vegan ]

Grounded Bodyworks

Vegan Collagen Gloves and socks with C B D Hemp Oil are enriched with Hemp-derived Cannabis Seed Oil and Eucalyptus extract to deliver an intense dose of moisture and visibly restore skin's youthfulness. The unique blend of Cannabis Seed Oil and Collagen aids in muscle relaxation and soothes hard working hands. Collagen Gloves with Hemp Oil are non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive and does not contain T H C. They bring innovation to manicure and pedicure treatments!

When you're ready to have a manicure or a pedicure, simply remove the tips of each finger or toe along the perforated pre-cut lines. Made with a micro thin dual layered material. Saves time by moisturizing hands while a client is getting a manicure. 

VEGAN Formula • Cruelty Free • PARABEN Free • CLEAN Formula • SINGLE Use

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