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Osea Hydration Wrap

Grounded Bodyworks

Osea Hydration Wrap 60min / 150

Begin your body treatment with a gentle sacral rock, synchronizing your breathing while slowing down with each breathe. Next, a light dry brushing will of the front of the body will encourage circulation as well as acting as an exfoliant. Enjoy a warmed neck roll along with cooling pads to compliment and calm the nervous system.

The first mask of white algae is applied including the back, extremities and abdomen. Next unwind with a warm body wrap while your esthetician applies a cotton face mask dipped in warmed gigartina [ seaweed ]. While that melts you into bliss, enjoy a scalp massage along with a vagus nerve oil to calm and relax you even more.

The remainder of the treatment includes hydration to the entire bod.

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