Lash Extensions

Classic lashes are the most natural style and looks similar to a mascara application. The classics all depend on your natural lashes, and if you have a lot of natural lashes, you can achieve a very full natural look with classic lashes.
Hybrid lashes are a mixture of the classics and volume lashes. This is an ideal look for those who want a little extra fullness compared to classics alone, or maybe you need a little extra fullness due to limited natural lashes to achieve the desirable look with classics alone.
Volume lashes are thinner lash extensions that can be made into fans. The lash artist uses 3-6 very fine extensions to create a fan, and these fans give the lashes a much fuller, denser look. This look is great for clients who want a little more darkness in their lashes or if they don’t have as many natural lashes, you can still achieve a natural look with the volume fans.
Mega Volume lashes are for those particular clients who are looking for extreme fullness, darkness as well as density in their lashes. This look is for clients who have had lash extensions before, and are looking for a more dramatic look, or those who are used to a strip lash style [this is much healthier for your lashes].
We recommend a relash appt every 2-3 weeks
Lash Rehab
Lashes on fleek? Or just need a little repairing and love? Schedule a lash nap and let us treat you to some much needed nourishment. We remove any lash extensions you may have remaining, detailed cleansing to remove debris, hydration and a cooling treatment is applied to the eye to rest during a guided meditation. A lash food serum is then applied to all lashes that need repairing, sealing every lash with vitamins.

Enjoy a complimentary brow “clean-up” tweez and take home a rehab bag to go with non-toxic aftercare products.

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