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Stay Active + Healthy Naturally


We have surrounded ourselves with experts. Read on to find out what they're doing to stay active, and healthy naturally.


Aromatherapy and Cancer

Aromatherapy is an alternative and complementary therapy with mainstream medicine that mainly uses essential oils as its primary therapeutic agent. Essential oils rose to fame once again when a group of scientists discovered their antiseptic and healing benefits.


Hair During and After Chemo

The effects of cancer are all-encompassing: from internal to external factors, there is nothing that ends up untouched.

As a holistic hair stylist and trusted wellness advisor, you very well may treat someone with cancer. Maybe you already have or maybe you have experienced the disease yourself. Either way, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to share with you ways to help protect hair during chemotherapy.

Healing Waters

Hydrolates are by-products of the essential oil making process. When botanical plants are steam distilled, they release microscopic vapor droplets which are then collected and made into invigorating sprays like Oway’s Bio-Rich Water, Flowerfall and Tratto.

Depending on the essential oil used during the distillation process, below are some of the many benefits of using Hydrolates in your salon.


Monthly Sustainability Challenge

Are you looking for specific ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle? We all know the importance of greener products, less plastic and more recycling – but integrating these into your daily life isn’t always the most straightforward. Maybe you’re not even sure where to start.