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    Our O | WAY studio is a full hair salon that uses clean, eco-friendly products that cater to the needs of all hair types and addresses scalp issues, as well as hair loss. 

    A full Olaplex hair care line has been added per your request! Join our email subscription for updates.

Balayage [ halo ] 80

Custom hand-painted highlights but only around the face "halo." Perfect for a face-framing color enhancement.

*Blow-dry not included.

Balayage [ partial ] 245

Custom hand-painted highlights focused on specific sections.

*Blow-dry not included.

Balayage [ full ] 295

Custom hand-painted highlights, full dimension.

*Includes gloss and olaplex treatment. *Blow-dry not included.

Bang Trim 25

A quick trim to clean up the bang area.

Beard Trim 40

A quick trim to clean up the beard and neck.

Bleach + Tone [ full ] 195

Full hair lightening.

*Blow-dry not included.

Bleach + Tone [ retouch ] 145

Partial hair lightening.

*Blow-dry not included.

Blowout [ ear to chin ] 50

A thorough olaplex shampoo + conditioning treatment and blow-dry for shorter locks.

Blowout [ chin to shoulder ] 60

A thorough olaplex shampoo + conditioning treatment and blow-dry for medium-length manes. Choose curly, straight or beach waves.

Blowout [ past shoulder ] 75

A thorough olaplex shampoo + conditioning treatment and blow-dry for longer locks. Choose curly, straight or beach waves.

Boho Braid 125

Come get festival ready with a wash, blowout, and chunky boho braid.

Color Retouch 100

A retouch for half an inch to an inch of regrowth.

*Blow-dry not included.

Color Correction 250+

Our experienced color specialist will consult with you to go over hair goals. We will block 2-3 hours for the correction.

*Complimentary consult needed prior to correction appointment can be scheduled. Color correction contract is created and signed.

Creative Styling 125

Festival Season. Curls. Wedding up-styles. Date night. We gotchyu.

Extensions [ tape install ] 250+

Initial install is 1-3 hours with maintenance every 4-6 weeks. A consult and color match is needed prior to scheduling.

Extension [ maintenance ] 50

15-30 minutes for removal.

Extensions [ removal ] 50

15-30 minutes for removal.

Full Color 125

One color application covering full head of hair.

*Blow-dry not included.

Gloss 45

A shine treatment for colored strands.

*Included in all color services.

Hair Consult [ complimentary ]

A 15min consult to discuss extensions, wedding ideas and all future hair goals.

Haircut [ razor/barber ] 65

Razor/Barber cut includes wash and style.

Haircut [ razor/barber with styling ] 95

Barber cut includes wash, style and blow dry.

Haircut [ ear-shoulder ] 105

Ear to shoulder length hair cuts include wash, style and blow dry. Choose curly, straight or beach waves.

Haircut [ past shoulder ] 115

Longer, thicker haircuts need more time and include a wash, style and blowout. Choose curly, straight or beach waves.

Haircut [ trim ] 40

Trims include a wash, trim and blow dry.

Highlight [ halo ] 115

Foils are ideal for multiple hair layers surrounding the face.

*Blow-dry not included.

Highlight [ partial ] 200

Foils are used only on select sections of the hair.

*Blow-dry not included.

Highlight [ full ] 260

Full foils are ideal for multiple hair layers and cases where multiple colors are sought.

*Blow-dry not included.

Infused Hot Towel 15

Enjoy a calming treatment while we have you in our chair. The infusion is created with good intentions, and feel good smells. Also known as our Osea Vagus Nerve Oil, this oil is blended with lavender, chamomile, ginger and more, making you forget where you are for a moment…

Ironworks 25-40

Hot tool styling for your locks.

*Arrive with dry hair. Wash and blow-dry not included.

Neck Trim 25

Quick trim of any neck hair.

Olaplex Bonding Treatment 50

This professional-inspired treatment primes hair for deeper repair, repairing hair bonds, strengthening and protecting hair integrity.

*Included in all color services.

Organic Keratin Treatment 250

Using breakthrough Morpho-Keratine technology, these products envelop each hair fiber in feather-light coating, adding suppleness and shine while sublimating hair's movement.

*Plan to be with us for a minimum of 2 hours with us for this service. *hair cannot get wet for a minimum of 48 hours after treatment.

Scalp Treatment 40

Choose from 6 different scalp treatments; Hair-loss, Purifying Dry, Purifying Oily, Rebalancing, Rebuilding, and Soothing.

*Add onto any color or hair cut service.

Semi-Permanent Color 60

Washes out within four to five washes.

*Blow-dry not included.

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