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Coachella +sport

Grounded Bodyworks

Coachella +sport 60min / 95 | 90min / 140 | 120min / 190

Great for the athlete, this deep tissue massage is mixed with stretching techniques used to relieve achy muscles and separate connective tissue to allow for better mobility and ease muscle spasms. This treatment helps to improve range of motion, reduce inflammation and alleviate discomfort. Essential oils are used to calm the senses, and ease muscle tension. This is a good choice if you're looking for deep tissue bodywork coupled with targeted muscle isolation for whatever your choice of sport may be.

Our sports massage crew works on tennis and golf players year-round in the desert, as well as runners and many cross-fit peeps. If you’re building muscle, it’s good to keep the muscles worked to keep the body moving, and limit injuries. We believe the key to aging is to keep moving!