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Grounded Bodyworks

Grounded : 30min / 50

Your reflexology treatment begins with a few minutes discussing anything you would like to share with your reflexologist. Next, climb into the cozy table [undress to your comfort level] lay your head down nestling your neck into our heated neck wrap and allow our soundscapes to relax your mind. Breath in comforting fragrances around you such as lavender and sage. 

Once your therapist enters the room, the treatment begins. We work on the feet to open up blockages, and breakup adhesions. To begin, your therapist will apply hot towels infused in lavender, sage and lemongrass to the soles of your feet; wrapping them in warmth and compressing for a few moments followed by the reflexology sesh and ending with moisturizer and more compressions to ensure you don't leave oily; just hydrated and relaxed.