Lash Food Infinity

Infinity Lash Eyelash Serum, with our exclusive lash-stimulating peptide complex, penetrates the lash line to help lengthen and strengthen natural lashes without the risk of serious side effects.

The serum contains a blend of nutrients and vitamins to hydrate, condition and strengthen brittle lashes and is clinically proven to strengthen lashes by 72% in just four weeks. Use twice per day for 4-6 weeks for maximum results.

Made in the USA

Highlights :

• Strengthening serum that enhances natural lashes

• Can be used on eyebrows

• Contains hydrating vitamins

• Conditions and strengthens natural lashes

• Thicker, fuller lashes in 2-4 weeks

• Pentapeptide formulation to promote new lashes

Q & A

Q: Is the Infinity Lash Serum extension safe? A: Yes, the Infinity Lash Serum is extension safe and will cause no harm to the extensions.

Q: Will the serum affect the retention on the extensions? A: No, the serum will not affect the retention on the lashes.