+add ons [ nail services ]

Grounded Bodyworks

+aha hand treatment  15min / 20

Gettin a mani? Add on an aha hand treatment packed full of hydration and antioxidants. You will see and feel the difference in the lightening of age spots, and dull skin will become hydrated and glowing to show off your mani!

+foot scrub [ included in all pedi's ]

Choose from coffee, lavender + grapefruit, vanilla + coconut, peppermint + rosemary or prickly pear + sage

+gel removal + treatment 30min / 25

Hands or Feet. Gentle removal of your gel polish to minimize damage. Don't forget to add-on your gentle gel removal to your service if you currently have gel polish on. *gel is not a service we provide.

+guided meditation [ complimentary ]

We all struggle finding time for ourselves, so we have helped create some quiet time for you to disconnect while we care for your hands and feet, always complimentary and over 40 meditations to choose from. Tune in on Grounded Spotify!

+paraffin 15min / 25

Enjoy a warm dip in paraffin to relax achey muscles and joints. Excellent service for those of us that suffer from arthritis.

+polish change 15min / 20

Includes a cleansing of the nail bed, meticulous shaping, buff, and your choice of polish followed by an application of our 100% organic prickly pear oil to the cuticles. Viola!

+reflex sesh 15min / 25. 30min / 50

A nice treatment to add on pre-pedicure. —relaxing indeed.

+seaweed gel 15min / 25

Busy? Hard on your nails? Add on some seaweed gel to extend the life of your nail color. 20+ non-toxic colors to chose from.

+tips of color 15min / 25

French tip 2.0! Chose from 20+ non-toxic gel colors as well as 100+ non-toxic Cote colors.