This Saves Lives Bars

This Saves Lives

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One box includes 12 bars

Kristen Bell

For decades, one of our giving partner Action Against Hunger has been strengthening local health systems and working in partnership with local communities in Africa, where even a mild COVID-19 outbreak in fragile contexts can push people beyond the brink. In many cases, they are the only health actor for hundreds of miles in East Africa, which is reeling from years of drought, floods, locusts, limited medical care, and the highest rates of malnutrition in the world. If COVID-19 spreads further in these countries, poverty and hunger will only worsen with downstream impact on the global economy. 

Hundreds of thousands of children are already undernourished, which weakens their immune systems and makes it harder to fight infections. They need to maintain and expand their programs that promote sustainable livelihoods and help save lives. Action Against Hunger is well positioned to fight COVID-19 in East Africa, but needs partners and support along the way. To contain the outbreak, they have urgent needs in Ethiopia, Somalia, and South Sudan.

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