Volume Lash Extensions

Grounded Bodyworks

Volume Full Set : 120mins / 225

Volume lashes are thinner lash extensions that can be made into fans. The lash artist uses 3-6 very fine extensions to create a fan, and these fans give the lashes a much fuller, denser look. This look is great for clients who want a little more darkness in their lashes or if they don’t have as many natural lashes, you can achieve a natural look with the volume fans. 

We recommend a relash appt every 2-3 weeks

*Full set includes lash detox wash and brush $26 value

*Please come to your lash appointment fresh faced and makeup free. This will ensure your lashes will adhere properly as well as start you off with clean eyes to prevent irritation. This can take up to 20 minutes depending on the amount of makeup you come in with. 

Tip! Save $25 and come in with no makeup!

Volume Relash : 90mins / 125

*10% off relays appts that are pre-scheduled [ auto-scheduling is avail ]

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