Yumi Lash Lift

A healthier alternative to lash extensions, the Yumi Lash Lift conditions the individual lashes to create a healthier lash. Conditioning the natural lash and giving it a lift, opening the eye, and allowing the natural to heal from past breakage or weakness.
The Yumi Lash Lift lasts approximately 6-8 weeks and coats your natural lashes with keratin conditioners to strengthen your natural lash. Use this treatment as an in-between service for lash extensions, or year-round if you are not a lash extension type of gal!
Our lash extension safe mascara not only gives you two options of thickness, but they also include lash food to strengthen your natural lash. Yes, I repeat, safe for lash extensions! Check it out in our shop.
*Tinting is not a legal service in the state of California, so we do not include tinting in the lash lift service. There are no FDA approved products for tinting, so be cautious when scheduling personal services.