In Room Body Treatments


Great for pain relief and relaxation, a combination of swedish massage, and trigger point therapy are techniques used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. Our Therapists customize each treatment for you.

Coachella +sport

Great for the athlete, this deep tissue massage is mixed with stretching techniques used to relieve achy muscles and separate connective tissue to allow for better mobility and ease muscle spasms.

Coachella +stretch

This is a 60 min fully-clothed-stretch and a great way to introduce your body to the feel of FTS. Fascial Stretch Therapy is an assisted stretch therapy that can increase flexibility, reduce aches and pains, as well as improve range of motion and athletic performance.

Coachella +cupping

For those that need a little extra! Enjoy a therapeutic deep tissue massage in addition we add in cups and glide them along each muscle to release adhesions. 

*This service can leave round marks/bruising. 

Grounded [ reflexology ]

Enjoy a nap while we work reflex points on your feet for circulation and to break up adhesions. This service ends with a massage and hot towels. Get up feeling refreshed and proud for fitting in some self care today. 



Reiki surrenders the intention and control to the Universe, the highest consciousness, where almost all other forms of energy healing are more directly guided by the practitioner. 

Desert Momma

Massage for our expecting momma is slow and rhythmic; mid to firm pressure is used with concentration on the important areas such as your lower back, neck, legs, and feet. We use a pregnancy pillow so you can lay face down comfortably. *Safe for all stages of pregnancy. Always check with your doctor first.

Whitewater Desert Stone

This heated treatment is everything a deep tissue massage is plus warmed whitewater stones from the Coachella river bed. Arnica Oil is used to warm up and relax your muscles, as the therapist lays out warmed stones on pressure points to keep those areas warm and relaxed down to the belly of the muscle.

Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is great to alleviate swelling as our bod can get overloaded, causing excess fluids to pool.  

Cranial Sacral

This gentle treatment is great for releasing tension in the sacrum, spine, and skull, allowing the body to decompress and lengthen the spine without being too invasive. This service is fully clothed and massage is not included.