Our gender-neutral Crew is vaccinated + masked. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination along with your I.D. to be scheduled or to enter our space.

Plant Based + Skincare

We use Osea skincare products in our facials along with complimentary organic, vegan skincare products we know are good for you and your skin.

Shop Osea by following the link above or come on into our studio! Skin pro's are standing by.

...in the details [ our estheticians believe in holistic skincare, aging well, and using only the cleanest of products that benefit our skin ]

Yearound Facials

The Local 60min / 115 | 90 min / 175

We offer custom facials for those that don't know what facial to chose. This allows us to schedule you time with our holistic estheticians to give your skin what it needs because our skin is always changing! So no two facials will ever be the same here at Grounded.

Baked 60min / 115

Enjoy the desert sun a little too much did ya? Come on in for some pampering. We have all things hydrating and soothing. In the meantime, stay away from fragrance, skincare with chemicals, and more sun! These will only aggravate your sunburn more. This facial is a light cleanse without steam, cooling mask, ice globes and lots of hydration.

Desert Glow Facial 45min / 90

Heading to an event? Not a lot of time? We created this facial treatment to give you the customization your skin needs for an evening out. Start with an organic ocean cleanse, a yummy enzyme exfoliation, and a calming mask to get rid of the dull and bring on the glow!

Grounded 60min / 115

This custom facial is specially curated for problem teen skin; acne, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, inflammation. Hormones play a huge role in the appearance of our skin, but we can control some aspects such as excess sebum and chemicals that may be in your products! Proper washing and in between care can eliminate many of our skin problems. Schedule with one of our holistic esthetician’s to discuss skin goals for your upcoming school year and let’s set some clear skin goals!

Nomad 30min / 60

Traveling can wreak havoc on our skin. With Grounded located less than ten minutes from the Palm Springs Airport, and across the street from boutique hotels, this facial is for you. We really don't care for quick services as we like to doddle over you however, sometimes we need a quickie!

Still customized, but focused on cleansing off the plane ride, exfoliating off the covid and then hydrating you with enough sunscreen to guard you against global warming. In and out in 30 minutes! Bam! 

Osea Organic Back Facial 60min / 115

Similar to a regular facial, only this will focus on the back where we have trouble skin, breakouts, and a difficult time exfoliating. We recommend this treatment once per month to control excess oil and to reduce breakouts. 



Seasonal Facials
Spring Cleaning March - June 60min / 115

Feeling a little hot-mess-like? Dirty? Grimy? Come on in for a deep cleaning, exfoliation, and anything and everything to clean your skin up post-holiday. Spring is refreshing, so we bring in all things fresh, like cucumbers, berries and mint! It's like a cocktail for your face! Come in and give your skin a drink!

 Summer Ready June - September 60min / 115

Turn your shine into a summer glow! Give your summer skin care routine an update. This facial will get you summer ready with a fresh update to your skin routine by addressing hyperpigmentation, sun care, and managing breakouts.

 Autumn Glow September - December 60min / 115

Switch from coconuts to pumpkins! The sun is fading, but your skin doesn't have to, and with the weather changing, so should your skin care routine and products anyway! Let’s take care of any visible sun damage that may have occurred over the summer. Honey cleansers, pumpkin enzyme peels and all things yummy.

Winter Hydration December - March 60min / 115

Winter in the desert is a little different in that our weather isn't as cool as other places; however, it does change. And so should our winter skin care routines. That’s why it’s a good idea to change your skin care per season and not just for the New Year! Although, what a great time to renew your skin care routine goals! Winter air can be drying so it's important to have a healthy balance of exfoliation, hydration and moisture. Our holiday collection of skin care oils is impressive. We're kind of obsessed with serums and oils, so this is where we glow!


Matcha Matcha Man Facial 60min / 115

Modern Man 90min / 175

Vitamin-Sea to Desert Facial 90min / 175

For those that are looking to age appropriately, this is for you. We don't like to promote anti-aging products as much as learning to care for our skin and our selves the healthiest, most natural way possible. 

This facial is jam packed full of nutrients your skin can't wait for. Nourishing. Intoxicating essential oils. Moisture rich serums. Ocean-to-desert feels with indigenous plants and ocean breeze in the studio. This might be the facial for you.



+skin care add ons

+custom peel [add-on no extra time] 30 *can not be scheduled solo

Enjoy a customized peel add-on to your facial. Your Esthetician will analyze your skin to determine which is the right one for your skin type


+high frequency [add-on no extra time] 30 *can not be scheduled solo

This treatment is added onto a facial [not scheduled solo] to stimulate cell renewal by gently warming the tissues of the skin. This treatment aids in product penetration, helps treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, and can even help stimulate scalp and nourish hair follicles for healthier hair growth.

*Included in the 90min custom facial and some wax/sugar services as well

+leef : no time / 30 *can not be scheduled solo

When applied topically, C B D will penetrate through the pores and epidermis, absorb into the body to react with its natural cannabinoid receptors ultimately resulting in balanced skin and pain management. C B D oils used topically rejuvenate and sooth the skin, noticeably relieving pain, rashes and irritation, reducing acne, reducing inflammation, hydrating the skin, plus it has antibacterial antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. The Restore C B D Contrate is ideal for anyone experiencing:

Joint and muscle pain
Muscle spasms
Dry or acne prone skin
Redness or rosacea
Eczema or Psoriasis


+microdermabrasion 30min / 60 *can not be scheduled solo

Microdermabrasion is a mild exfoliation process that removes dry, dead skin from the outer most layer to reveal your fresh skin below. The result is a fresh, exfoliated, glowing complexion!

+organic foot scrubs 15min / 30

coffee - dead sea salt salts, cartel coffee grounds, and vitamin-e oils make this foot scrub so delicious.

lavender + grapefruit - essential oils, organic sugar cane, neem and vitamin-e make this the ultimate relaxing foot scrub.

peppermint + rosemary - essential oils, organic sugar cane, neem and vitamin-e make this the ultimate invigorating foot scrub.

vanilla + coconut - organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic sugar cane, neem and vitamin-e make this the ultimate beach ready foot scrub.

 +proton mask 15min / 30

Series of six 150

Our proton mask includes five treatments to choose from for your skin type. A series of six is recommended for those tough areas. Can be scheduled with your facial as well as a solo treatment. Come in for a Grounded 15 minute cat nap!

Cellular turnover


    What our Clients have to say

    I love love love Elizabeth's work!!! Her eyelash application is perfect and she really knows what she is doing. It literally didn't even feel like I had extensions on. I recommend her to the fullest! if you're ever looking to get a gorgeous set Elizabeth is your girl. I was new to lashes about three months ago, now I am addicted. I dont even have to put mascara anymore.

    The atmosphere and place is so relaxing, intimate and all in all just so cute! Oh, and don't get me started on the beds... SO COMFY!

    Best part of the whole experience was that you can truly tell that Elizabeth loves what she does and her passion truly shows in her sets! So in love and will always go back to see her. 

    Marion Strachon

    Local Lasher

    I recently got a facial at Grounded Bodyworks. I was looking for something hydrating right before my wedding and Jenn (the lovely owner) recommended the Osea hydrating facial (I am sure that's not the exact name for the facial, perhaps that is the brand they use) and she was right—that is exactly what I needed before my wedding; something super hydrating and glowy that wouldn't irritate my skin or make me breakout which is normal after a regular facial.

    After that I have been using Osea products in my daily routine because they are clean (they do not contain harsh chemicals) and the products actually work! They also have them for purchase as well, and I cannot wait to have another facial soon. I highly recommend it. 

    Erika Flannery

    “Clean” Beauty Blogger

    Awesome massage and studio experience at Grounded Bodyworks. I highly recommend this beautiful salon and day spa.

    Steven Roffers

    Local Chiropractor

    When I first walked in , I already felt relaxed! The interior is very welcoming and smells great!! I had an amazing massage. The pressure was great and she was very friendly. I also decided to try a reiki session with Kelly and it was very healing and therapeutic! A must try in the desert!! I will definitely be back when I come out for vacation! 

    Erika R.

    Happy Rancho Cucamonga Client

    Everything about this business is stellar. The customer service was incredible, the staff were so kind, and the decor and cleanliness were also fantastic. I would come back here time and time again. I think the bar for customer service has been set so high I will probably be disappointed with everywhere else I go! Thank you for making our girls weekend special and memorable! So much love for this place!!!

    Nicole W.

    So Kind!

    I am so happy to have discovered Grounded Bodyworks Studio for sugaring. After two rather disastrous sessions with two Coachella Valley spas who purportedly know how to sugar (spoiler alert: they do not), the third time has proven to be the charm. Stephanie did my sugaring and I can't be more pleased with the results! She really does meticulous work, and I happen to be extremely fussy. Thanks for doing such a great job! I will definitely be back to avail myself of your other spa services. Grounded Bodyworks has my highest recommendation. 

    Lisa K.

    Fussy [but happy] New Yorker

    I loved my treatments here! Don't miss this oasis for all your body needs. My lashes are still looking good three weeks later! Their retail products are great too, I especially like the body scrubs and body oil, in any flavor. I bought so much I did have some juggling to do at the airport to get things home safely. Well worth it!

    Christine S.

    Palo Alto Lash Guest

    I loved my treatments here! Don't miss this oasis for all your body needs. My lashes are still looking good three weeks later! Their retail products are great too, I especially like the body scrubs and body oil, in any flavor. I bought so much I did have some juggling to do at the airport to get things home safely. Well worth it!

    Bianca S.

    Local Gal. Owner of Kreem downtown Palm Springs.