Grounded Pedicure 40

Enjoy a relaxing soak in water softened with 100% organic prickly pear oil + shape nail + buff + prickly pear oil and cuticle repair + massage + non-toxic côte to choose from.

Lunch Time Mani 30

Begin with a relaxing soak in water softened with 100% organic prickly pear oil + shape + hydration + cuticle repair + non-toxic côte to choose from.

Mens Mani 30

Hydrating dead sea soak + shape nail + buff + cuticle repair + massage + non-toxic clear côte nourishing polish.

Mens Pedi 40

Himalayan sea soak + shape nail + buff + prickly pear cuticle oil and repair + massage + non-toxic clear côte nourishing polish.

Mini Mani or Pedi [ 10 & under ] 25

Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure. Includes a hand or foot soak, shaping, and your choice of non- toxic nail polish or natural shiny buff for your little one. *No massage included.

Mini Mani and Pedi [ 10 & under ] 45

A manicure and pedicure created, especially for little ones. Includes a hand and foot soak, nail trimming and shaping, massage, and your choice of non-toxic côte or natural shiny buff.

+add ons

+gel 25

+gel removal 25


+polish change 20

+reflexology 30min 50

We Have The Best Customers

I love love love Elizabeth's work!!! Her eyelash application is perfect and she really knows what she is doing. It literally didn't even feel like I had extensions on. I recommend her to the fullest! if you're ever looking to get a gorgeous set Elizabeth is your girl. I was new to lashes about three months ago, now I am addicted. I dont even have to put mascara anymore.

The atmosphere and place is so relaxing, intimate and all in all just so cute! Oh, and don't get me started on the beds... SO COMFY!

Best part of the whole experience was that you can truly tell that Elizabeth loves what she does and her passion truly shows in her sets! So in love and will always go back to see her.

Marion Strachan

I recently got a facial at Grounded Bodyworks with Stephanie. I was looking for something hydrating right before my wedding and Jenn (the lovely owner) recommended the Osea hydrating facial (I am sure that's not the exact name for the facial, perhaps that is the brand they use) and she was right—that is exactly what I needed before my wedding; something super hydrating and glowy that wouldn't irritate my skin or make me breakout which is normal after a regular facial.

After that I have been using Osea products in my daily routine because they are clean (they do not contain harsh chemicals) and the products actually work! They also have them for purchase as well, and I cannot wait to have another facial soon. I highly recommend it.

Erika Flannery

"Clean" Beauty Blogger

Awesome massage and salon experience at Grounded Bodyworks. Linda is a great masseur! I highly recommend this beautiful day spa.

Steven Roffers


Linda is great at therapeutic/sports massage – my job is high stress and my passion is tennis so I go to Linda so she can perform her magic and keep my body aligned and loose. She utilizes cupping in conjunction with massage to keep my muscles loose and joints flexible – with the use of the cups it truly is a deep tissue massage. I would recommend Linda to anyone who is looking for a great treatment whether you have a sports injury or not.

Peggy Trott

General Manager