Crystal Candle Collection [16oz]

Amazonite - Hope

Top Notes: Lemon, Orange Peel
Middle Notes: Grapefruit, tangerine, and agave
Base Notes: Lime, Sugar

Amethyst - Healing

Top Notes: citrus, cardamom
Middle Notes: palo santo, violet
Base Notes: wood, smoke, amber

Citrine - Success

Citrine stones are know for bringing success to those who keep it.
Top Notes: Mandarin, Ginger
Middle Notes: Bergamot, Ginger
Base Notes: Jasmine, White Tea

Moonstone - Good Luck

Moonstone is known for bringing good luck to those who keep it.
Top Notes: sage, orange
Middle Notes: lavender
Base Notes: oakmoss, amber

Obsidian - Block Negativity

Obsidian is known for blocking negativity to those who keep it.
Top Notes: coconut milk
Middle Notes: sandalwood, coconut
Base Notes: tonka bean, cedar

Rose Quartz - Love

Rose Quartz stones are known for bringing love and kindness to those who keep them. Top Notes: buttercream
Middle Notes: vanilla
Base Notes: sugar, bourbon

White Howlite - Mindfulness

Known for its soothing properties, White Howlite supports mindfulness to those who keep it.
Top Notes: eucalyptus, mint
Middle Notes: evergreen, spruce
Base Notes: cedar, amber

Yellow Jasper - Happiness

Yellow Jasper - stone of happiness
Top Notes: Honeydew, Lime, + Agave
Middle Notes: Green Floral + Leaves
Base Notes: sandalwood