Grounded Coffee [ whole beans ]


Whether you are new to our coffee, or you’ve been with us since the beginning, this bundle serves up all four of our signature blends. Bring home the sunshine. 🌞

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CASALight & Bright 
WE TASTE: Sweet Citrus | Honey | Cacao Nib | Roast Level 4/10

GOOD VIBESMorning Sunlight & Beach Waves
WE TASTE: Toasted Coconut | Sugar Cane | Easy Drinking | Roast Level 5/10

TOPAZSweet & Balanced
WE TASTE: Milk Chocolate | Graham | Apricot | Roast Level 5/10

TERRARich & Full-Bodied
WE TASTE: Blackberry | Fudge | S'mores | Roast Level 6/10

ZUMABerry-Forward & Juicy
WE TASTE: Blueberry Scone | Sugar Cane | Juicy | Roast Level 4/10

DECAFBerry-Forward & Juicy
WE TASTE: Chocolate | Nougat | Warm Spice 

WE TASTE: Toffee | Fudge | Balanced | Roast Level 6/10

We teamed up with the amazingly talented Daren Thomas Magee aka Real Fun, Wow! - a local freelance illustrator, muralist and designer based out of Ojai, California - to create our first ever artist series coffee blend. Our goal was to build a coffee blend that reflected the depth and symmetry of his unique style. The result? A perfectly balanced cup with a rich browned butter start and a luxuriously silky finish.

SEASONAL GOLD Toffee-Forward & Spice
WE TASTE: Toffy | Nutty | Warm Spice


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