The Circle Chronicles | Hair Mask

The Quick Fix Circle

3 Minute Hair Mask

Regenerating hair mask with immediate action. In just 3 minutes it moisturizes and untangles the hair making it soft, silky and workable. Perfect for all hair types, when in a hurry.
  • Express cosmetic effect in just 3 minutes of application. 
  • Extra hydration. 
  • High conditioning power. 
  • Hydrated, soft and shiny hair.

The Purity Circle

Detoxifying natural hair and scalp mask

Revitalizing, detoxifying and anti-oxidant mask for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. It eliminates impurities caused by pollution, dust, heavy metals for a purifying routine.

  • Deep detoxification from pollution. 
  • Perfect for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. 
  • Anti-pollution and anti-oxidant action. 
  • High conditioning power.

The Renaissance Circle

Repairing Hair Mask for Damaged Hair

Repairing mask, it gives new life to very damaged hair. It restores a healthy look to the hair giving it shine, nourishment and softness. Perfect for people who use hot tools.

  • Deep repairing action for very damaged hair. 
  • It gives deep nourishment. 
  • Shine-giving effect. 
  • High conditioning power.

The Spotlight Circle

Shine-boosting Hair Mask

Mask for extra shine. It gives the hair a boost of shine and enhances colour and cut without weighing the hair down. Perfect for all hair types, in particular for dull looking ones.

  • It gives extra shine. 
  • Shine-giving and smoothing action. 
  • High conditioning power. 
  • It moisturizes without weighing down.


The Restless Circle

On-the-go Hair Mask

Invisible mask for those who want to take care of their hair whilst carrying out other activities. It gives body and elasticity protecting the hair from mechanical breakage, such as friction with hair clips and elastics.

  • Colourless invisible mask to be applied also during sport activities. 
  • Anti-breakage and volumizing action. 
  • It protects from the mechanical damage caused by elastics and hair clips. 
  • It gives elasticity to the hair stressed by an active lifestyle

The Let It Go Circle

De-stressing Hair Mask

Relaxing scalp and hair mask. A true wellbeing experience: softness, hydration and comfort for hair and scalp needing a break.

  • Sensory and relaxing scent. 
  • Hydrated and soft hair and scalp. 
  • Rebalancing and anti-stress action.

The Wake-Up Circle

Invigorating Hair Mask for Stressed Hair

Invigorating mask that gives energy and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. Ideal recovery treatment after stressful situations or exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions.

  • Post stress new energy and volume for hair. 
  • It improves scalp tone. 
  • It gives hydration. 
  • High conditioning power