Tillandsia Juncea -air plant

Tillandsia Juncea is a very distinctive air plant as it grows tall, grassy leaves. This variety is available in a smaller size of 8-10" tall and a larger size of 10-15" tall. This variety is a customer favorite as it makes for a very striking display.

More Details:
- Learn about air plant care here: https://rb.gy/y2cdu
- All of our air plants are certified and sustainability grown.
- Air plant care cards are available for you to share with your customers
- In order to promote blooms and pups, we recommend our air plant fertilizer: https://rb.gy/4pt1m
- Shipping somewhere cold? Add a heat pack to your order: https://rb.gy/xvtuc
- We are only able to ship air plants within the United States.
- We are available to answer air plant care questions anytime! Here is more information on how to care for your air plants: https://savviestudio.com/pages/air-plant-care