Traveler Set

Côte’s Reimagined Traveler Nail Polish Sets are Cleaner Than Ever! Ultra-clean, 11-free polish is what you’ll get when you dive into the newly reimagined Traveler Nail Polish Sets. These Traveler polishes are free of not three, not five, not ten…but eleven ingredients that have safer, cleaner alternatives, and yet still give you all the long-lasting, chip-resistant shine you’ve come to expect from Côte’s extensive polish collection.

The gorgeous polishes are now in super user-friendly twist cap mini Traveler bottles, perfect for use while, well, traveling! Throw a set into your weekender bag for any last minute touch-ups, or toss in a few Takeoff Towels as well and you’ve set yourself up for a whole new look mid-trip! - Vegan - Cruelty-Free - Hand poured in the USA